The Royal Game

Chess has long had its place in culture, with the earliest depictions dating back more than a thousand years. No simple board game has confused, compelled, and controlled people like it has.

Perhaps the foremost ingredient towards the game’s success is its loyal player-base. The International Chess Federation (also known as FIDE) reports upwards of 170,000 players actively participating in clubs and tournaments., the premier website for casual online play, has more than 40 million registered accounts. Somehow, the game has even found a place in the e-sports community. …

The State Of Things

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting effect on the worldwide box office. 2019 broke records by having nine films surpass the $1 billion mark; as of now, 2020’s highest grosser hasn’t even made half that. The ill-fated Tenet release was perhaps the final nail in the coffin for theater chains in the United States, as it forced dozens of movies to either move straight-to-streaming or be postponed — sometimes indefinitely.

China has had it slightly better: it’s established itself as the year’s biggest theatrical market with hits like The Eight Hundred, My People, My Homeland, and Legend of Deification…


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